Release: Collier Receives Three More Newspaper Endorsements – “For lieutenant governor, Collier is best choice”


October 23, 2018


“For lieutenant governor, Collier is best choice”

Houston, TX — TODAY, three more Texas newspapers have endorsed Mike Collier to be Texas Lt. Governor. Endorsements from the Waco Tribune-Herald, The Longview News-Journal, and The Marshall News Messenger add growing list of papers to have expressed support for Collier’s campaign.

It should also be noted that the Waco Tribune-Herald Editorial Board broke with recent tradition to make an endorsement, saying, generally they have declined to endorse candidates as they have been, “focused more on opening up our inner-sanctum interviews with the candidates to greater public scrutiny while leaving decision-making to the voters. However, each election prompts us to occasionally take cherished fellow voters by the lapels and shake them into awareness concerning candidates who plainly have no business in public office.”

To date, Collier’s opponent, Dan Patrick, has yet to receive a single endorsement from a Texas newspaper.

Other highlights from some of these recent endorsements:

“For lieutenant governor, Collier is best choice” (Longview News-Journal)

“Dan Patrick is so far to the right with his desire for school vouchers and other ideas that do not benefit Texas; we cannot support him… Mike Collier deserves an opportunity as Lt. Governor” (Marshall News Messenger)

“Unlike incumbent Dan Patrick, Collier, 57, is a facts-and-figures guy who deep-dives into complex policy in ways that command the respect of intelligent voters, regardless of party inclination.”

“Collier’s nuanced take on school finance is refreshing. We believe he’s far better equipped to make sense of recommendations that a bipartisan commission on school finance will deliver to the Legislature in January. “

“One need only hear Collier speak to know he’s far and away an improvement over the bellowing, hamfisted political embarrassment we now have in office.” (Waco Tribune-Herald)

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