Increase Access and Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

Healthcare costs have been rising dramatically with no end in sight. That’s one reason so many hard-working Texans cannot afford healthcare.

To halt and reverse the trend in rising healthcare costs, this is Mike’s plan::

  1. Close the coverage gap, using federal dollars (as most states have already done) thus providing access to 1 million+ hard working Texans (reducing the cost of healthcare AND property taxes along the way)
  2. Invest in technology to improve outcomes and lower costs. Texas MUST lead a new revolution in technology-driven healthcare cost reduction.
  3. Demand full price transparency so that everyone knows what services and drugs cost. This alone will reduce the cost of healthcare substantially because consumers will have power over the cost of their own care.
  4. Implement a Patient Financial Bill of Rights, to include absolute protection for Texans with pre-existing conditions, no out-of-network surprises, and other consumer protections.

Not only with these steps improve access and reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone, they will allow the state to step up its investment in a range of health services such as mental health, women’s health, and children’s health, all without raising taxes.

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