School and Gun Safety

Sadly, the horrific national crisis involving mass murder has come to Texas and we must act. Mike believes it’s time for sensible gun laws in Texas that will reduce the risk to our schools, churches and communities while still protecting our Second Amendment rights.

To improve gun and school safety, Mike will fight for:

  1. A background check system that works – we need to ensure that laws already on the books regarding access to weapons are enforced.
  2. Red flag laws so we deal with problems before, not after, tragedy strikes.
  3. An increase in the number of counselors and trained psychologists who can observe and interact with students to help prevent tragedies from occuring.

As a parent who used to drop his sons off at neighborhood schools, Mike knows that every mom and dad wants safety in the classroom above all else. But nobody wants hardened targets or schools that seem like military prisons. We want learning in the classroom, not guns and gunmen in the classroom. That’s why the steps above are so important.

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