Taking a Stand Against Corruption

From his work in the corporate world, Mike knows how to design independent checks against power and corruption. Specifically, Mike will propose an independent Audit, Performance, and Integrity Commission. Key features are:

  • Combine State Auditor, Performance Reviews, and Public Integrity Unit into a single, independent commission called the Texas Audit, Performance, and Integrity Commission.
  • Commissioners will not be chosen by politicians; they will be “contributed” by the largest CPA firms in the state.
  • The Executive Director will have no prior political experience and will be ineligible to run for office, become a lobbyist, or do professional political work.
  • The budget for the commission will be set by constitutional law as a percentage of the previous year’s general revenues and cannot be reduced by the Legislature.

By designing the Texas Audit, Performance and Integrity Commission in this manner, Texans will have a truly independent, non-political check against abuse of power, fraud, waste and abuse. The Commission will have no power other than the power to audit and respond to whistle blowers.

No state has done this, but its time. In a post-truth world, voters need to know there is at least one organization they can trust.

Also, it’s time we kill gerrymandering, before gerrymandering kills democracy. By adopting a redistricting commission model, as several other states have done, our congressional districts will be drawn by citizens, and our politicians will have to compete for our vote. This will kill the political-machine corruption which is overwhelming our great state.

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